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IDAHOBIT+ Book Recommendations!

The Song of Achillies book review 2021 Blog Header 1 - IDAHOBIT+ Book Recommendations!

Hello Beautiful Hooman! Happy IDAHOBIT+ Day to my beautiful queer family! Today is Monday the 17th of May a.k.a the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia! On this day we celebrate and show our love and appreciation for our queer members of society and do our best to eradicate the systematic hate within our society. In this post, I recommend six (6) books that have queer protagonists. All of which have stuck with me in one way or […]

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Contemporary Book Recommendations Based on my Hand-Made Face Masks!

Contemporary book recs and face masks 2020 Header - Contemporary Book Recommendations Based on my Hand-Made Face Masks!

Hai Beautiful! Wear your face mask! I didn’t notice how long it has been since I’ve given book recommendations… Honestly, what have I been doing on here!? Recently, I was giving book recommendations to someone at work and realised I hadn’t recommended you any books recently. So today we will be talking about four YA contemporary novels I loved, based on four of my home-made face mask designs! Red + White Spots // THE THINGS WE PROMISE by J. C. […]

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Books To Read While Self-Isolating β™₯

Books To Read While Self Isolating 2020 Header - Books To Read While Self-Isolating β™₯

Hai Beautiful! What’s on your isolation TBR? A while ago I was asked by someone for book recommendations which I realised were mostly by Aussie authors. I made a post on this called ‘Book Recommendations For When Your TBR is Looking Thicc‘. Probably not the best title if I want my post to be found on Google searches but I found it funny. *If you want to check out that post, it is linked above. All books are available on […]

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Books Recs For When Your TBR Is Looking Thicc.

book recs for when your tbr is looking thicc - Books Recs For When Your TBR Is Looking Thicc.

Hai Bookaholics! I see you’re avoiding your TBR… Looking for another book to read instead? I know many of you are in self-isolation/ social-distancing/ physical-distancing or whatever else you’re choosing to call it and there is either is too many on your bookshelf to read, or not enough. Never fear! I’ve made a list of 5 books by Australian authors to support the locals, based on what you’re feeling at the time. Please let me know if you liked this […]

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Book Recomendations from my Top 6 Album Picks!

songs and books tag 2018 blog header - Book Recomendations from my Top 6 Album Picks!

Heyo Bookaholics! Wow! So last night was a wild one, hence the reason I’ve made the wise decision to postpone this post until today. I want to talk about Spotify, and you must be thinking how does this relate to books?  Well, everything has a way of relating to books if you try hard enough. So today’s post is based on book recommendations for six of my most listened to artist/ albums on Spotify.

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