Storytime Wednesday: My Amazing Day and Other Stories by Yours Truly.

my amazing day and other stories blog header - Storytime Wednesday: My Amazing Day and Other Stories by Yours Truly.

Hello Bookaholics! Welcome back to another Storytime Wednesday! Of those of you that follow me on Instagram probably know, yesterday was an amazing day for me. Throughout the whole day, my spirits were high and I felt like I was walking on the softest clouds all day. There was a buzz inside of me that didn’t want to be calmed down, and I thought of how I couldn’t relate to any book character, as not many of them are upbeat, […]

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Book Review Guidelines.

book review guidelines blog header 3 - Book Review Guidelines.

Hey Ho Bookaholics! I was writing my review for The Fifth Avenue Artists Society a few days ago and I realised how hard it was to write a review for a book I loved and hold so dear to my heart, so in my plan I broke the review down into three sections and which lead to the construction of this post. I wanted to share with you all the guidelines I use when I review, especially when I’m stuck. When I […]

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8 Bits of Advice From and 18-Year-old

8 bits of advice from an 18 year old blog header - 8 Bits of Advice From and 18-Year-old

Shout out to Bri @ PaperbackBrii for allowing me to use some prompts mentioned in her 18th Birthday post back in November. Please go follow her blog as well because she’s the coolest and practically my twin 🙂   Welcome to The Inbetween! I am calling today The Inbetween. And no, this isn’t the space between worlds in Stranger Things; today is the day in-between two important birthdays. Just yesterday I was pronounced an adult at my 18th birthday party on the shores of Adelaide beach, […]

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