Writing Withdrawals: What? Why? How? (SW#62)

Writing Withdrawals 2020 SW Header - Writing Withdrawals: What? Why? How? (SW#62)

Hai Beautiful! It’s drama time!! Let’s talk about writing withdrawals. But first I want to know; Is it even a real thing?… *Does a quick Google search* In amongst the drug information pages, I found two pages. One had really helpful info (see the second article), and the other it turns out was about how to write withdrawal (and the symptoms) in your novel. As it turns out, if you place emphasis on certain syllables in the phrase ‘Writing Withdrawals’, then […]

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Things That Bring Me Calm ☺️

Things That Bring Me Calm 2020 Header - Things That Bring Me Calm ☺️

Hai Beautiful! It’s Important To Practice Self-Care! I’ve been a little lost in my head this week and need to ground myself, so I’m writing this post as a way of self-care, both to myself and to remind you all how important self-care is. Aesthetic/ Study “Pinterest” Photos I spend so much of my time on Pinterest. Whether I’m just chilling on my phone or (not) doing work, you can bet I’m on Pinterest. I love to create all kinds […]

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More About My Characters Because I Love These Girls (SW#)

WIP OC Art 2020 SW Header - More About My Characters Because I Love These Girls (SW#)

Hai Beautiful! AGH I Love These Girls!! There was a trend floating around on BookTwitter for a while and I knew I had to get into it! People are using a site https://picrew.me/image_maker/296093/ where artists make character building ‘games’ in their own art style for others to build their own OCs. Before we get into this post, I want to say that all credit for this artwork/ picrew goes to the artist whose social media links can be found here: […]

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Aurora Burning by Amy Kaufman & Jay Kristoff | Spoilery Book Review

Aurora Burning Book Review 2020 Header - Aurora Burning by Amy Kaufman & Jay Kristoff | Spoilery Book Review

Hai Beautiful! This one fell slightly short… I’m not gonna lie, I will purchase and read anything written by Amie or Jay either individually or as a collaborative duo. So even though Aurora Rising, didn’t live up to my expectations set by the Illuminae Files, there was something unique and carefree to the story that I loved it all the same. Blurb: Our heroes are back… kind of. From the bestselling co-authors of the Illuminae Files comes the second book in […]

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July/ August TBR & Video!

July  Augut TBR 2020 - July/ August TBR & Video!

Hai Beautiful! This is the best way to spend a winter in quarantine! It’s the end of June and as usual, it’s time for another TBR. Unlike usual, this time I will be making this reading list for the next two months due to the huge unpredictability of my workload for June and August. Good News Update! I started work on Monday which, after some setbacks, was the most amazing work-related news I had received all year. It’s been all from […]

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My Book Is So Close To Done! 8 Month Writing Update (SW#29)

8 Month Writing Update 2020 SW Header - My Book Is So Close To Done! 8 Month Writing Update (SW#29)

Hai Beautiful! 8 Month Writing Update! It feels like not that long ago that I updated you on my novel in the 7-month update. Funny enough, I don’t actually remember where I was in the story when I talked about it last. Let me just check back on that post real quick! Here’s what happened in the last update…  At the end of last month, I was reaching 65,000 words We chatted about songs that were on my writing playlist I thought […]

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A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!

A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week 2020 Header - A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!

Hai Beautiful! It’s been an emotional week… This extra positive post is inspired by one of my new favourite bloggers, Elsie LMC who always has such positive content on her blog. The comment section of every one of her posts are beautiful and full of positive words from her readers. Her latest posts have inspired me to write my own positive blog post! This post is dedicated to all of you who have had a very up and down week emotionally. To […]

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69k On My WIP Bby! (SW#58 ;)

celebrating 69k words 2020 SW Header - 69k On My WIP Bby! (SW#58 ;)

Hai Beautiful! I’m Nearly At 70k! Usually, I would give you all a huge update at the end of the month (there will still be one, a very excited one) but I want to talk about my WIP today. I also have an exam tomorrow. So there’s that to procrastinate. But I’m also mature… 😉 When I saw that I had hit 69,000 words my first thought was “oh shit! I’m nearly at 70k!” and my second thought was “hehe, 69… hehehehhe.” Can you […]

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Want To Know How To Read The Shadowhunter Series? Don’t be scared, I’ll guide you xx

Shadowhunter Reading Order - Want To Know How To Read The Shadowhunter Series? Don't be scared, I'll guide you xx

Hai Beautiful! *Excited Screaming*! I’m not kidding when I say that this was the coolest and most exciting video that I have ever filmed!! I put so so so much time into editing this video and I am really really proud of the final product. I filmed this video after the release of Chain of Gold when I had received my copy. I know there are many videos recommending ways to read the novels but I have in no way […]

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Chatting About Blogging & Being Paid To Blog (SW#57)

Blogging Chat and being paid for blogging 2020 SW Header - Chatting About Blogging & Being Paid To Blog (SW#57)

Hai Beautiful! Agh… Here goes nothing! I am not a big creator by any means but if someone reads my content and enjoys it, then I am happy about it. I know I will not be paid for the hours I put into my content on any platforms and over the 5 years of blogging I have come to terms with that. I’ve seen something going around Twitter recently where for some reason bloggers are speaking up about how much […]

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