A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!

A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!

Hai Beautiful!

It’s been an emotional week…

This extra positive post is inspired by one of my new favourite bloggers, Elsie LMC who always has such positive content on her blog. The comment section of every one of her posts are beautiful and full of positive words from her readers.

Her latest posts have inspired me to write my own positive blog post!

This post is dedicated to all of you who have had a very up and down week emotionally. To those who think that hoping for the best outcome is foolish and those of you who are always pushing yourself towards the next goal without properly relishing in the victory of your current success.

I want to tell all of you to be hopefulget excited about your upcoming victories even before you reach them and most importantly, let yourself celebrate what you have achieved!

That’s exactly what this is!

Today, in this post, I am celebrating my victories both big and small that I have achieved this week! Goals that I have seen setbacks on since as early as last year.

Proving all those negative thoughts in my own head wrong, I have come out at the end of this week stronger and more accomplished. I want to share all of these victories with you and hear about your victories in the comments below!

Final Exam & Finishing Uni
(in quarantine)

After three and a half years, I have finally completed my Bachelors in Accounting and Information Systems, a huge dream of mine since I started high school!

I took my final class this past semester (March – June) online due to COVID, which meant that my last exam took place on Thursday the 18th of June. An open-notes multiple case-study exam that took me a total of twelve hours to complete. Twelve whole hours, from 9 am when I sat down to 9 pm when I did a little victory-slump-in-my-chair after I’d submitted, taking about an hour and a half for dinner somewhere in between.

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If you follow me on Insta (@thebookishbree), I posted small updates on my stories which weren’t that interesting considering I’d remained seated at the same table for the entire 12 hours. But alas, little victories must be celebrated.

I had so much self-doubt coming into the exam. I’m not great at tests and even though this one was all at home and open-notes, I still felt all the same pressure of an actual exam. I was also feeling the irrational fear of failing and having to re-do the subject.
In the end, everything worked out perfectly and I didn’t even have to use the entire 24hrs given to us! This meant that I could read Drarry fanfiction and have a wonderful night’s sleep.

Starting Work On Monday!
(after a couple setbacks)

I’ve had many setbacks with starting my graduate role thanks to Miss Rona COVID. After going through just about every stage of grief including contemplating selling feet pics to creepy old men on the internet then realising that would not be a very good idea.

I settled on focusing on what was important: my uni work… and listening to my parents constantly ask me if I was job hunting to which I would tell them “yes” instead of “I’m feeling physical pain from this whole process”.

wp 1592568140788 300x300 - A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!

This went on for a couple of months and to be honest, the one fact I learnt was not to yearn for what I didn’t have, instead, enjoy the time I had free before everything becomes crazy.

That’s exactly what I did and until last Friday, I was just vibin’ with my free time.

Until I got that fateful call that changed everything…

Today I scanned and sent through a few legal and onboarding documents needed prior to my starting. Other than that, I’m just gonna cherish my last weekend before full-time work and then see what Monday has in store for me 🙂

Playing Guitar!
(practising consistently because self-care)

I started quarantine by updating my journal almost daily but that was before my uni work ramped up and I lost the hours I would spend on a single journal spread. Instead, I looked to other hobbies.

I tried mastering the bo-staff then realised I’m not very disciplined when it comes to anything physical. I purchased a pair of roller skates (because my rollerblades broke), but they won’t come in till July.

Then I saw my guitar leaning, neglected, in the corner of my room and I remembered the playlist I had on Spotify for songs I’d eventually love to learn on the guitar. It hit me then that eventually could mean now, so I unzipped the bag, took out my guitar, downloaded Ultimate Guitar and tuned up the strings, cringing at their neglected screams.

wp 1592562225644 1024x570 - A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!
This photo is from a video I took that I wasn’t confident enough to share… Although, I am improving 🙂

I’m currently learning 4 songs at the moment:

  • Polygraph Eyes (Chords W/out Strumming) by YUNGBLUD
  • Why Am I The One (Tabs) by Fun
  • Otherside (Chords – Chorus Only) by Macklemore
  • Centuries (Chords & Strumming) by Fall Out Boy

I have a huge playlist of other songs that I want to learn once I buy myself a capo, but for now, I’m learning the basics. I am actually grateful to have held off from buying a capo as I am learning to not get ahead of my abilities as I usually do when I try to learn a skill.

Surprisingly Balancing All My Crafts While At Uni 🙂

Whilst writing this post I realised just how content and balanced I’ve been with my creative tasks. These being my blog, YouTube channel and current WIP. 

There are so many more things that I am proud of and by writing this post, I have let myself take some time to reflect on the good, block out the negative and just enjoy a nice peaceful night to myself.

To end this off nicely, I’d like to segue into this week’s YouTube video in which I chat about my mood board, why I created it & give you all tips on how to create your own! I hope you enjoy the video xx

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What have you accomplished recently that you are proud of?

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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  1. This is such a lovely idea for a a post!! ✨ I constantly move onto the next goal before stopping to appreciate what I’ve just achieved 🙌😂 Congratulations on Completing your course and getting through that exam 🎉 Must have felt neverending! Sounds like a week you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I think what I’m most proud of recently is that on Thursday I left the house and met up with a friend for the first time in months, I was very anxious about it because of all that’s going on but it’s made me feel more confident to even just pop out to the shops now (which is yet to happen) when I honestly thought I’d never bring myself to be around people out there again 💫 Hope you have more amazing weeks like this! ☀️💕

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