Storytime Wednesday

So I started this series on my blog in January 2018, intending to write rants and the like about books I’ve read; although today it has transformed into a day where I write and post stories/ poems etc. that come from my own experiences. It is what I love to do and it fits well into this book-related environment. 

  1. Long Legs Flies (Short Story)
  2. Dissociation (Short Story)
  3. I Wasn’t Home Alone (Short Story)
  4. Professional Interviews (Short Story)
  5. What Does A Cafe Feel Like? (Poem)
  6. I Was Bitten By A Kangaroo! (Short Story)
  7. Come Back (Short Story)
  8. The Scary Voice In My Dreams (Short Story)

Although I have noticed that I’ve been holding myself back with the past few stories.

Feel free to enjoy the first 8 storytimes that I’ve posted as at the 11th June 2018. I’ve put my soul into them, but they need more heart! I have soulfulhearty, more amazing and genuine works currently in my drafts. With some time, love and revision, you’ll see my writing change into something more wonderful over time; and some will even be related to my current WIP – The Inversion – and other stories I’m writing.

Upcoming Stories:

  • My Heart For You (Short Story)
  • Hopeless and Starving (Poem)