Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

Hello Friends, Family and passers by, as the title suggests, this post will be about the ‘unboxing’ of my new Kikki.K planner and what my thoughts are on it so far.

A few months ago now, my mother purchased for me the Tangerine Planner in a large size from Kikki.K . This planner was on sale at almost 50% off which was an amazing sale because the products in store are super expensive. Just so you know this particular planner and other planners in this range are NOT on sale anymore, but they still sell planners, just in different colours and styles.

I was super excited when I got home and found this on my desk. I tried to act all chill, but inside I was screaming and well staying true to my blogger nature, I took a billion photos before I even took it out of the package. Trust me it was super hard to not rip it open.

img 4552 - Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

The packaging these planners come in are so amazing. I love the amount of care and protection that the books are treated with. I am a crazy person when it comes to protecting books, and I was super ecstatic when I saw this.

img 4540 - Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

The planners and journals at Kikki.K are super expensive because they are real leather (as stated on the packaging) and smell so amazing.

img 4554 - Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

How Awsome is this Packaging?!?!

img 4546 - Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

The planner includes;
• Elastic pen loop
• 6 ring binder
• 1 zip pocket
• 1 internal medium pocket
• 1 large pocket
• 18 Month Perpetual (not dated) Calendar + Tab
• To Do List Sheets + Tab
• Meeting Notes Sheets + Tab
• 4 Blank Tabs with Notes Pages
• 2 Sticker Sheets
• Mini ‘To Do’ pads + Slot
• A5 Notepad + A5 Slot at the back

This is the first planner I ever owned. I am delighted that my first planner is from Kikki.K and I am deeply satisfied with it. I love the love and care put into the packaging, as well as all the inclusions. I’m half excited and half terrified to start writing in this, and it’s so beautiful I might just leave it on my desk for a while until my creative juices start flowing again.

img 4548 - Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

I would 100% recommend this or any Kikki.K planner for anyone wanting to purchase a planner. Although Kikki.K can be expensive, they tend to have sales quite often due to the short turnover of their seasonal ranges. If you sign up to their mailing list, you will be sent out emails which provide you with information on upcoming ranges as well as exclusive sales. There is also an option to provide the company with your birthday which I recommend everyone do this because you will receive a $10 voucher that can be used in store until a particular date. I received mine a purchased a jar of gold paperclips which are hella cute!


Happy Journalling!

bree xoxo - Unboxing my Kikki.K Planner + Thoughts

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  1. This makes me so happy bc I’m a fellow stationary lover ashgdjsl and Kikki K. is so pretty but expensive ;(( thanks for the birthday tip though! I’m definitely using that 🙂

    • Your very welcome 🙂 I’m a sucker for pretty (and expensive) stationary too although I don’t show a lot of it on my blog. But definitely sign up 😊

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