Jasper and Spice: What’s New In 2022 ✨

Jasper and Spice: What’s New In 2022 ✨

🦕 Hai Beautiful 🌼

Let’s talk goal setting!

Every year I make a “Blogging Goals” post, and every year I forget about that post and just do whatever the hell my heart desires, never looking back at what I set out to achieve.


This year is different!

This year’s post isn’t about goals, it’s about what plans I have in place to make Japer and Spice what I had set out for it to be.

You may be asking: Bree, what did you set out for this blog to be? and to that, I answer that I wanted it to be something fun, low maintenance that I can talk about the stuff that I am passionate about. I wanted to create a community of people who like the same things as me and eventually (as in very soon) sell my crafted creations in an online shop section of the site.

I know that in the past I have set goals, made promises, etc. and just not stuck to them, but in 2021 I took that year to work on myself and become better. I want to stick to deadlines, open my shop, create a life schedule that I can sustain. In saying this, I am still working on myself and working on getting better at all of this, so as a personal goal, I am holding myself accountable to all the deadlines I set in relation to Jasper and Spice, both blog and shop.

Now that’s over with, let’s talk timelines and what to expect from Jasper and Spice in 2022!

General posts, reviews, writing updates

In 2022 I will be posting content whenever I feel like it, without specific days or deadlines as to when certain content will be uploaded.

In theory, it’s fun to have particular content posted on certain days, creating a nice little schedule and reliability, but that’s not me and the way that I work. In order for this blog to be fun for both me, and you as a reader, this is the best way to create content.

I have changed my sign-off to indicate what type of content I post instead of providing a particular schedule (as you may have seen at the bottom of my other posts). I just want to post whenever I feel like it and just have fun with the content I’m creating especially since my blog isn’t huge and no one is relying on me to be publishing these posts on the regular.

Online Shop, products, and shipping info

The end of 2021 was a strange one. I procrastinated many tasks including the most important one that I had been hyping up on Instagram for months! This is of course the launch of the bookmarks in my online shop.

img202111231046343168267242066317221 300x225 - Jasper and Spice: What's New In 2022 ✨If you haven’t seen, I will be launching handmade bookmarks in the Shop tab of the blog.

Bookmarks such as those featured in the image (right) will be for sale in the shop from this weekend. I am so excited to finalise the listings and have them posted for you all to purchase.

The bookmarks are all high-quality digital images of a handmade original, printed onto 300GSM card. All products come with a thank you card and a 10% discount on your next purchase.

As the products are being listed this weekend, I am planning to have them shipped out by the end of January (this month) or early February at the latest. Shipping charges may apply, please look for this at the checkout.

YouTube content and frequency

Unlike the content I will be posting here, I actually aim to post videos weekly on my YouTube/ BookTube channel.

I am comfortable making this goal as I have done it many times before and am proud of the content I post. I am also working to create a fortnightly schedule in order to incorporate all of my hobbies into my daily life, so scheduling time in for editing and posting, with blogging being something that I do when I have an idea spark seems reasonable to me.

My 2022 Blogging Goal

I want to just be all nostalgist and bring the post back to its origins and set a goal for the year. Just one. With all I’ve said above, it would be nice to have my goal for this blog be to:

Create a place where I post freely and interact with you all as a community of readers and lovers of the creative arts. To also build up my skills and just enjoy blogging again.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your new year and that you are on the road to achieving all the goals you have set for yourself.

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See you back here for book reviews, story-times/ writing updates, organisation and other bookish content.

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