Moomba Monday!!

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(This post is a colab with Alexa.V.Photography.)

As you may have gathered from my recent Instagram spam; Alexa, Siobhan and I attended the Labour Day Moomba Parade which is an event that has been held annually in the city of Melbourne for 60 many years.

Moomba festival is celebrated over the four-day Labour Day long weekend, from the first Friday to the second Monday in March. The parade is held on the Labour Day holiday on Monday and consists of floats and performers which highlight the cultural diversity present in the city of Melbourne. At the end of the parade, the Moomba King and Queen ride by on the final float, waving to a cheering crowd.


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The King and Queen of this years Moomba parade are Michelle Payne and her brother Stevie. In 2015, Michelle was the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup horse race, so it is only fitting that a champion should be crowned Queen of such an event like thi one.

My friends and I didn’t have good spots to watch the parade from, as we waited a while before walking down to where it was being held, so we ended up sitting a few metres away from the road and could not see most of the performers but we didn’t miss the floats.


The floats thankfully were huge! We were able to see most of them from where we were standing at a tram stop.

From right to left these are the floats featured above;

An Indian Elephant which representing the Indian culture; A giant purple Dog; A superhero with a heap of soccer balls – we had no clue what he was or why he had a float and I was very disappointed he wasn’t throwing away the balls; there were a few of these party popper like floats which puffed smoke at timed intervals along their path; A pirate ship with all women pirates, having sword fights; A Giant Koala perched in the top of the Melbourne Arts Centre spire Godzilla style, while a woman in a Koala onesie skated side-to-side on a miniature tram (that was strange but creative); a giant jester head drove by; as well as a parade of Australian flags.


This was my personal favourite float as it confused me at first but upon closer look, I saw a women dancing inside the flower dressed in yellow acting as the stamen and anthers of the flower. It was so beautiful and I’d like to end this post with this float for two reasons; 1) it’s pink, and 2) the float opens and closes and I didn’t notice this until Alexa pointed it out to me, so it’s pretty freeking cool!



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