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Come Back (Dystopian) | Storytime Wednesday

come back dystopian 7 blog header - Come Back (Dystopian) | Storytime Wednesday

Heyo Bookaholics! Welcome back to another storytime. This will be a little different because today I’ll be sharing with you a snippet from my book The Inversion! This a post to hopefully ease my writer’s block and lead me on the path to another 10,000 words. This will not be directly from the book, rather an inspiration piece I’d written while on my lunch break at work. Come Back – Story Snippet

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I Was Bitten By A Kangaroo [NOT A REAL STORY]

i was bitten by a kangaroo  6 blog header - I Was Bitten By A Kangaroo [NOT A REAL STORY]

Heyo Bookaholics! Today I wish to tell you the story of the dream I had last night, where I was bitten by a tiny kangaroo because for some reason kangaroos are the size of chihuahuas now?… This is a bit of a strange story and is literally taken from a dream I had last night. It was crazy, I woke up very confused and immediately thought you’d all find enjoyment from it!

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I Wasn’t Home Alone… (Short Story)

home alone 3 blog header 1 - I Wasn't Home Alone... (Short Story)

Heyo Bookaholics! Unlike the last two StoryTimes, this story is not a true experience rather something that had sprouted from my wild imagination when I was actually home alone. This post is mostly inspired by YouTube storytellers such as LoeyLane and Hailey Reese who, with their stories are slowly eradicating my fear of the dark and the creatures within it, one story at a time. Their stories have given me the courage to write this story for you all today (even […]

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Dissociation (Short Story)

Heyo Bookaholics! It only happens for a brief moment, but I feel as if I’ve opened my eyes into a virtual reality. Everything is as I remember it and my day hasn’t seemed to change in the slightest; but it is as if I am looking through the eyes of another. Then I’m back. The tingles up my back and arms lets me know that I’m in my own body again. Back looking through my own eyes, nothing seems amiss, though […]

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Long Legs Flies (Short Story)

the long legs flies 1 blog header - Long Legs Flies (Short Story)

Heyo Bookaholics! Today is the 1st post in my new and improved Storytime Wednesday series! Were each week I tell you all a story. It will typically be something that I’ve experienced, told from my perspective in a – sometimes exaggerated – kinda way. I hope you enjoy this series! Please comment your thoughts down below, and like this post to show your support for my writing xxx Let’s get stuck into the first story. Story #1: The Long Legs […]

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