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Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

choosing my february tbr 24 blog header - Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

Heyo Bookaholics! Storytime Wednesday Is Back! “If I hadn’t gone and purchased another five books, maybe choosing my TBR for this month wouldn’t be so hard.” Lilly’s exasperated sigh reached the phone, and a laugh was played back. “You know Lil.” Rachel’s voice was muffled from the speaker being smooshed into the blanket of Lilly’s bed. “I think this book thing is crazy, but maybe a little logic can help you.” Lilly nudged the phone a little to clear the […]

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Over Her Face (SW#23) – Short Story

over her face 23 blog header - Over Her Face (SW#23) - Short Story

Heyo Bookaholics! It’s been busy. Once upon a time, there was a King who had two sons. One was tall with long blonde hair and broad shoulders. His name was Tristan. The other son was shorter, older with cropped chestnut brown hair, and the beginnings of a beard forming around his jaw. The King was content with his heirs. Two respectable young men who could hold their own in a battle. He raised them all on his own, with a […]

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The Room Of Nightmares (SW#21) – Short Story

the room of nightmares 21 blog header - The Room Of Nightmares (SW#21) - Short Story

Heyo Bookaholics! There was no plan for this one… There was no plan for any of them. The Room Of Nightmares. Where are you? The room is bare, no walls or doors, or tables, or chairs. The room has white walls, bright white walls. Not like the freshly painted kind either. These are the kind that look like they were crafted of a matte white sheet smoothed to perfection, no shine at all. You spin around and around and around […]

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King Of Ruins (SW #20) – Short Story

planned conversations 18 blog header - King Of Ruins (SW #20) - Short Story

Heyo Bookaholics! The photo in the header image inspired this post. King of Ruins He picks up his father’s crown from atop the dead man’s head. The old man’s eyes staring blankly back at him, the whites glistening from the tears he had shed while the pain and shock of his death set in. His castle had fallen around him and now one large chunk lay on top of his bottom half; one could only assume the state of his […]

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It’s Only A Game – Short Story (SW #17)

its only a game 17 blog header - It's Only A Game - Short Story (SW #17)

Heyo Bookaholics! R U OK? For this storytime, I chose to write from a prompt found off of Pinterest. I see so many of the posts in this format and I’ve always wanted to write using them but never had the idea on what to write until now! The prompt I am using is pictured below. I didn’t attach a link as I am unsure of the official origin of the photo, but I believe it could be from this […]

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Burning Anger (Short Story)

burning anger 15 blog header - Burning Anger (Short Story)

Heyo Bookaholics. Welcome back to another storytime. This one isn’t as dark as the other one but deals with intense emotions that may be many can relate to. I hope you enjoy x Burning Anger She tastes her bile in her throat. The vile bitter taste of it making her face scrunch up in disgust, swallowing back down the urge to vomit felt like effort wasted. A burning flower blooming in her chest begging to be extinguished. The heat flushing […]

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TRAINS – A Short Story or potentially a full-length novel…

trains 13 blog header 1 - TRAINS - A Short Story or potentially a full-length novel...

Heyo Bookaholics! Welcome back to another storytime. This one I wrote while I was waiting for my train and I know it has a sad and possibly triggering ending, I don’t intend for it to end like this when I write it into a FULL-LENGTH NOVEL! Yep, I intend to write this into a book so look out for news on a WIP called TRAINS over on my Instagram or Twitter! TRAINS. In a town decimated by a deadly plague, residents fight for survival. Cut […]

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Shaking Hands – A Story About An Anxious Teen.

shaking hands 12 blog header - Shaking Hands - A Story About An Anxious Teen.

Heyo Bookaholics! I was feeling quite panicked today in regards to the YouTube video that I had edited but didn’t like (so didn’t end up posting), and I wasn’t planning on writing this post BUT I needed something to ease my shaking hands and heavy chest. I’d had the pounding heart and shortness of breath before, usually during a minor inconvenience, which just turned into one major inconvenience. I called it “a weird feeling” or “my chest hurts”. Never had […]

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New Year’s – A Story In Verse

10 - New Year's - A Story In Verse

Heyo Bookaholics! I wrote this when I was feeling down and wanted to remember the good things in life. When I’m with my family and friends on a day that starts off a whole new chapter of my life. I haven’t had a bad beginning to my years thus far and *knocks on wood* all my new year’s beginnings are more amazing than the last. ♥ New Year’s – A Short Story/ Poem There is one moment in the world […]

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My Heart For You – Short Story (SW)

my heart beats for you 9 blog header - My Heart For You - Short Story (SW)

Heyo Bookaholics! The night before I wrote this, I finished reading All of This Is True By Lygia Day Peñaflor and I was a mess of confusion and full of inspiration. It left me with so many more questions than if it had ended 20 pages earlier than it had; I’ll have my review posted next Monday sharing all of my thoughts about this book; the good, the bad and the irony. So after reading, I had this brilliant idea […]

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