BWC Readathon Wrap-Up: Reading Progress + Creative Challenges!

BCWR Wrap up 2020 Blog Header - BWC Readathon Wrap-Up: Reading Progress + Creative Challenges!

Hai Beautiful! Success is a lie! Okay, so that intro line may be a little harsh. I consistently set super high standards for myself without learning each and every time and consistently failing, it’s hard to believe in success. Let me backtrack…  I participated in the second round of the Because We Can Readathon; Travel Edition, last week. It is always a fun time to be creative, release daily videos and try (and fail) to read books for all the […]

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What I’m Reading For The BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon (BWCR TBR)!!

Because We Can Readathon BWCR TBR 2020 Blog Header - What I'm Reading For The BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon (BWCR TBR)!!

Hai Beautiful Humans! I’m Gonna Give It My All! This was supposed to be posted last Saturday but I postponed it to yesterday, then I had a major breakdown and now it’s going live today! Although, I guess posting on the off/non-scheduled days has become expected from me by now (see bottom of this post for my actual blog schedule). This week I am participating in the Because We Can Readathon (again!). This time it is running from the 19th till the […]

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BECAUSE WE CAN Week-Long Readathon Wrap-Up :)

Because we can readathon wrap up 2020 Header - BECAUSE WE CAN Week-Long Readathon Wrap-Up :)

Hai Beautiful! It’s been a great week! From the 11th to 17th of May, I participated in the newest week-long readathon called BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon, created by Kat @stars.and.embers, Cat @BrewsandReviews & Jenna @JustALittleBitRandom. My TBR for this readathon was actually quite, considering it is a week-long thing. I chose 4 books to read this week which fulfilled all of the 7 reading prompts. You can check out my TBR post here where I talk about the who, the what and the why of […]

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Tome Topple Readathon

tome topple readathon blog header - Tome Topple Readathon

Hey Ho Bookaholics! Long time no see my friends! I’ve been waiting for that day that I’d have enough time and mental effort to come back here and share my reading life with you all; which up to this point has been pretty much non-existant. I’ve had to lower my Goodreads Reading Goal down from 50 to 23 books, as I have been stuck on Nevernight since New Years, and Uni has left me beaten and dying with only 14 […]

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