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My mid-year exams finished on Thursday, and since I’ve been so busy with school this semester, I have not had a chance to upload. But here I am with some free time and a great story.

The day after my exams finished, my girlfriends and I arranged to meet at Barry; a local indie High Street café. It was absolutely gorgeous in there. The aesthetics were amazing. So amazing, that when I received my food I couldn’t help but be all hipster and take photos of it. Not only did it look good. But it tasted even better!

My lunch was the ‘Californian Superfood Salad’!

img 18631 - Barry

img 18731 - Barry

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‘Californian Superfood Salad’

ingredients; tri-coloured quinoa, shredded kale, wild organic rice, coriander, charred corn, salted ricotta, black turtle beans, heirloom tomatoes, jalepeño, goji berries, spicy lime vinaigrette and tuna.

In all honesty I didn’t fully read the ingredients when I ordered the dish and actually now is the first time I read them properly, and I finally realise why I found it so spicy… So if you like spicy food then this dish is definitely for you!

Price: $16 + $2.5 with tuna


Barry has a breakfast menu that is available all day!

So for all those breakfast food lovers out there… Here’s another reason to come to Northcote!

img 18721 - Barry

My Best Friends both ordered scrambled eggs on toast and really enjoyed their food!!!

(although they did find it a little bit too peppery)

Price: $11
img 18751 - Barry

One of the girls also ordered a black tea, which was served in this cute little vintage pot.

And was also given milk in a tiny jar with ‘poison’ written down the side.

img 18761 - Barry

img 1923 1 - Barry

Price: $4.5 for all teas

img 1877 0 - Barry

Overall, Barry is an amazingly presented restaurant, open for breakfast and lunch with amazing tasting food, friendly staff and a warm and inviting atmosphere. The only downside to it is that the pricing of the food is a little to high but I guess you pay for what you get, considering that the ingredients are all healthy and prepared fresh in the kitchen.

The location is perfect, as it is on a main road and only a short walk away from some of my favourite bookstores that are situated along High St.

Please, if you are in the area, pop into Barry. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

You can also visit the Barry website.


Goodnight for now

Bree xx


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