Why Do We Own Multiple Editions of The Same Book??

Why Do We Own Multiple Editions of The Same Book??

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I got this idea from the two copies of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare I own. You see, and I’m sure you can all relate; I’ve never read the second copy. I bought the first copy online when it first came out and I read it in 3 days, but when I purchased the second one, it was a cover buy, impulse decision because of how pretty and exclusive the cover was, and also the fact that it was hardback, signed, and had a map! This book now sits on my shelf, and though I am very proud of it, it got me thinking: why do I even have it if I haven’t read that exact copy?

There are multiple reasons why I keep the fist edition of Lady Midnight as well as the second more fancier edition:
– two different cover artworks;
– both are signed;
– I read the first one and it is quite sentimental to me;
– it’s my first ever Cassandra Clare book!

I think it may be the act of owning or even purchasing another book that increases the appeal of having multiple copies of the same story, it gives us the same sense of triumph as collecting a new item in a collection, like Pokemon cards – still the same cardboard card but different Pokemon hence different worth.

What Books Do You Have Multiple Copies Of And Why Do You Keep Them?


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  1. I own three copies of every Harry Potter book! well five of them are audiobooks, but anyway. I also have a physical copy and an audibook version of ACOMAF ๐Ÿ™‚ no shame here๐Ÿ˜‚

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