Writing… What’s Next? Talking about my second WIP project (SW#63)

Writing… What’s Next? Talking about my second WIP project (SW#63)

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All updates on this story will be under the tag: His Diary.

I’ve started writing my second WIP and I am really excited to share it with you all (even though it’s only draft one). I want to apply all my learning from my last attempt at writing a novel to this one and go on a journey where my writing grows and improves before your very eyes! Albeit, slowly, but improvement shall be seen nonetheless 🙂

Premise/ Blurb:

Much like every single one of my book reviews, I want to start off this series of updates/ posts about this WIP by showing the cover and the blurb!

Screenshot 2020 07 31 13 01 22 77 e555f18d5f4ae108a09b716cf38f4ec0 192x300 - Writing... What's Next? Talking about my second WIP project (SW#63)Blurb:

I started a diary in February when summer faded away.

I found his diary in May when the autumn leaves fell away. 

I read his diary in June when my willpower ran out. 

I returned his diary in October when spring slowly turned to summer.

I don’t think the blurb really relates to the wild story that is going to unfold within, but it gives a very very basic idea of the general premise.

I also used the blurb to help spark the idea of the story, namely that our MC starts their own diary, finds a diary, reads found diary, then follows the leads from that diary to the owner. Or something bigger!

Premise:IMG 20200805 204246 650 143x300 - Writing... What's Next? Talking about my second WIP project (SW#63)

His Diary is a story told from Charlie's perspective as she starts a diary. Beginning slowly, she fills the pages with trivial memories but over time slowly builds up the courage to write down the more painful parts of her life.

May comes around the corner bringing a taste of the winter's chill to come and Charlie finds a diary, someone else's secrets squished between the pages much like her own. She opens it for some ID but doesn't want to read it, although something she spied on the first page keeps her coming back.

Charlie has secrets. Her brother Daniel has secrets. She's sure her parents had secrets but they're not here for her to ask. 

The diary she found contains more than she bargained for and Charlie makes it her life mission to find the owner, a journey she has somehow convinced her brother to brother to join her on. Or he convinced her to let him join... Either way, Charlie and Daniel leave the confines of their tiny apartment to chase clues, following a breadcrumb trail and uncovering truths.

This time around (unlike my last WIP), I am actually happy to talk about the story! I no embarrassed by the storyline I have come up with and I feel confident in the process.

I absolutely love what I came up with for the premise of this story. I have a double-sided page with the full story outline on it, jam-packed full of family drama, friendship drama, crazed parents, and lots of random twists and turns that I hope to execute flawlessly!

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Whenever I talk about my writing I always mention the wonderful fanfiction site Wattpad that I have literally been a member of since 2014.

Now the days of reading One Direction fanfiction in class have evolved into reading Draco x Harry or Pansy x Hermionie fanfics under the covers in the dark at 1 am.

Although I read it, I can never really get into writing fanfiction. I tried when I was younger but my stories never passed the blurb or at most, chapter one. I was always drawn to either making up fanfic story ideas or writing original works.

The blurb for His Diary was a fanfic story idea that I’d come up with but never used. I’d left it sitting in my drafts since 2014, intending for it to possibly be a One Direction fanfic but having no desire to actually write about the boy band at all.

Developing an original idea from these four lines, on the other hand, makes complete sense to me.

Things I’m Doing Differently…

I have learnt so much from my last attempt at writing a novel that I just want to do the entire process better this time around. From note-taking on the trivial facts such as appearances and family dynamics, to actually being confident with the storyline; I want to improve and grow with every attempt.

What did I learn from writing my first novel?

  • Take notes on appearances, especially trivial facts such as fashion sense, comfort food and favourite songs.
  • SLOW BURN! Something I’m still failing at… but I’m trying to improve. Maybe not in this draft, but at least I’ve identified it as a weakness.
  • Improve my world-building and descriptions of the surroundings. This goes hand-in-hand with slow burn as I tend to jump straight into things without describing them or having a lead-up.

Where Can You Read It?

I am posting my work to Wattpad. Every chapter will be up on my profile once I’m happy with it. Therefore there will be no upload schedule, just randomness and less pressure on myself.

You can read it at this link.Screen Shot 2020 08 06 at 10.42.25 pm - Writing... What's Next? Talking about my second WIP project (SW#63)

I will warn you that it is in its first draft! I am only uploading it because I know it will take forever to write and I am looking for constructive feedback or just people’s genuine enjoyment in my writing.

Thank you for reading xx 


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