What Does A Cafe Feel Like?

What Does A Cafe Feel Like?

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This week’s storytime is a poem inspired by a conversation I had today with Sarah from The YA Room about The Journal Cafe in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane.

What Does A Cafe Feel Like?

A cafe feels like home,
the warmth so cozy and suffocating,
wrapping around you like a blanket,
easing your mind of all your worries.

A cafe feels like safety,
where you know you can hide away,
amongst the dozens of unknown faces, 
and watched by staff of mixed races.

A cafe feels like productivity,
the white noise of conversations
more comforting than the silence of the library.
Scribbling out notes,
using free wifi,
drinking my coffee,
homework complete.

A cafe feels like accomplishment,
and a release.

Once you find a cafe, 
that place that is yours;
you can go there with friends,
you can feel content going alone;
but however you choose,
find a place the screams YOU!


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bree xoxo - What Does A Cafe Feel Like?

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