The Most Influential YA Women Characters

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Happy International Women’s Day!

To commemorate this day on my blog, I have compiled a list of the literary women who have empowered and had an impact on both me and the readers of YA fiction novels around the globe.


1. Tessa Grey – The Infernal Devices

2. Annabeth – Percy Jackson Series

3. Liesel – The Book Thief

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Liesel demonstrates a great amount of love and resilience for a young girl, who tragically lost her younger brother and was beeing taken to live with strangers who she had never even met. Her giant heart inspires me, as she is able to show compassion for a Jew during the reign of Hitler and was not influenced by the views of the society in which she lived. I aspire to be more open, loving and accepting as she is.

4. Karou – Daughter of Smoke and Bone

5. Piper and Hazel – Heroes of Olympus

6. Bella King – Bound By Blood (published by @Werepanther on wattpad)


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Book and cover art By @Werepanther currently on wattpad


Bella has shown readers that you can be sexy, with a bad attitude but also have a soft, loving side reserved only for those worthy enough to see it. She exudes an aura or self-confidence and assurity, always holding her head high and never willing to back down from a fight; especially a sassy argument against death (who is the sassiest sass master).

7. Rose Hathaway – Vampire Academy

8. Teressa – The Maze Runner Trilogy

9. Deedee – The Kill Order

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Deedee was merely a young child when the infection was spreading, turning her whole village into crazies; everyone except for her. A young girl who was immune and outcast because of it. Placing her trust in strangers to help keep her alive. It is the younger generation we must raise to live on our legacy and Deedee survived with the help of two men who risked their short lives for her, to give her the life they couldn’t live. It is unknown what became of her after she survived, but I’m sure she would’ve been working to stop the disease and put an end to the suffering of innocent people.

10. Bronwyn – Worrior Princess

“His face looks like the wrong end of a dead donkey.”

11. Violet – Embrace

12. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter Series

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Hermione has shown the world through that women can be leaders. She has shown that women can be nerdy, read books, have big brains and the drive to be more than what society labels us as; and at the same time be rebelious and just as badass as boys (just not as reckless).

13. Katnis Everdeen – The Hunger Games

14. Margo Roth Spiegelman – Paper Towns

15. Zoë, Jenifer and Nadia – Beneath The Skin



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