The Infernal Devices

31 - The Infernal Devices

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I wanted to do this for when I finished the Maze Runner series but I didn’t feel as strong a connection to that series as I have to this one. The Infernal devices was a series that my friend told me about a while ago, after I had finished reading the Mortal Instruments. The characters in the Infernal Devices have found a special place in my heart, especially William Herondale. Although it usually is rare for the reader to feel attached to the main character in a book; Cassandra Clare (author) had managed to create that relatability and also compassionate anger toward William that gives that connection between the reader and protagonist.
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A while ago now, I finished the Clockwork Princess – the last book in the series – and once it was over, I just sat in awe at how the series just seemed to capture me and draw me right into the book. It seriously felt like I was living with the characters every second of my day. I just couldn’t forget them, even when I was at school, Magnus Bane would make an appearance in my head and attempt to distract me from my work.
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My favourite quote from this book was spoken by the Protagonist, Will Herondale (and features in the image above);

“Sometimes, when I have to do something I don’t want to do, I pretend I’m a character from a book. It’s easier to know what they would do.”

From the very beginning of the series I was able to relate to Tessa. I felt a greater connection to her when she expressed her love for books and the sadness of leaving them behind in the beginning really got to me as I would’ve felt the same way, even if I had been rescued from evil.

With the shared love for books between Tessa, Will and I. I was more apart of their journey than ever, getting the feeling that I was one with them and not just a reader looking in on a romance built on book recommendations, meaningful quotes and handwritten poems.

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