Summoning A Daemon To Write My Novel For Me… (SW#38)

Summoning A Daemon To Write My Novel For Me… (SW#38)

Heyo Bookaholics!

Here’s to writing!

I might as well change this series name to Writing Wednesday because, by this point, all I ever talk about is my current WIP, Realise and my multiple existential crises, but mostly Realise.

So last week I spoke about my big goals to maybe finish my current WIP #Realise by the start of NaNoWriMo. We all know it’s not happening because I’ve currently been up watching tik-toks for 2 hours with intentions to do homework when I really could have been writing. So there goes that dream.


Because I am a hopeless case who only dreams about the events in my novel and never writes them, I’ve decided to summon a daemon to do it for me! The results haven’t shown yet but I’m giving my daemon some time to read over what I’ve managed to write so far and just get an overall feel of my novel.

My Newly Summoned Daemon Reading What I Have So Far…

IMG 6744 - Summoning A Daemon To Write My Novel For Me... (SW#38)
Secret sneak peek of my novel that I couldn’t be bothered editing out because it’s 1 am and my eyes feel like they’re burning. Also, I didn’t like the edit I tried to do.

Here’s how I summoned my daemon:

Disclaimer: I do not condone summoning daemons, dark entities etc. I'm a scared bi*ch BUT I'd totally sell my soul to satan for good grades.
  • Collate all the Latin words you know. Harry Potter spells are really useful for this as well as just completely mispronouncing Italian words. They sound kinda like Latin (I think).
  • Open your document and state the working title and current word count out loud.
  • Say every word WITH CONVICTION! In no particular order.
  • Have faith (in your inability to be a writer) and don’t fear whatever may come through.
  • Be fully ready to give your work over to another entity. This will not exclude you from the stress of writing, the countless coffees/ green teas/ caffeinated drinks you will still be consuming despite your lack of writing, nor rid you of your introvert nature.
  • Lastly…

Make sure you have that photo evidence of the Daemon writing so you can Instagram it with #amwriting to convince all your friends that you have your life together!

Current Update On My Daemon:

Look, I actually hate to say it but I haven’t seen much productive activity from my daemon. I haven’t actually had much time to get to know her. She seems nice, but I once disturbed her while she was reading my writing and I captured this photo:

IMG 6748 - Summoning A Daemon To Write My Novel For Me... (SW#38)

Can you see those orbs? I think I captured the entity within the physical body. I was a little spooked after this so I left her alone to finish reading the rest of what I’d written.

I came back a little while later to capture this reaction of her. She was just staring at a blank page, much like I usually do, I presume she was trying to complete the chapter for me but she could also just be so annoyed at how horrid my WIP is so far:

IMG 6743 - Summoning A Daemon To Write My Novel For Me... (SW#38)

I honestly don’t really mind not interacting with the spirit but I really hope she continues working sometime soon because I don’t have long until the end of October and I really want this WIP completed.

Is A Daemon Worth It?

I can’t tell at this stage, but if you’d like to know any updates, please drop a comment below and I’ll post more photos/ do another blog post about how the hands-free-writing is going.

That’s all I have on this topic. I hope you liked the post and maybe hope to invest in your own writing daemon. If not, happy writing (like a peasant).

2019 goals banner 1 300x128 - Summoning A Daemon To Write My Novel For Me... (SW#38)

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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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**This post is just some silly fun and I would never do any daemon/ spirit related sh*t. I don’t condone it. I watch Hailey Reese on YouTube and I’ve heard all the warnings. Be smart kids and write your own novels xx I want to thank my Bratz doll, Chloe for being my model.**

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