New Products Listings in the Shop! ✨ 🏳️‍🌈

New Products Listings in the Shop! ✨ 🏳️‍🌈

🦕 Hai Daisies 🌼

The Pride Collection launch has been amazing!

I can’t remember if I’ve said this before, but starting a shop and selling my personal, handmade creations to people has always been a dream of mine.

I have always looked for ways to share my passions with people. One of those passions that I am oh so proud of is my craft projects and my ability to create beauty from absolutely nothing, without a plan or vision, and truly be proud of the outcome. It’s a rare thing, so I treasure it and I’ve always wanted to share my creations with others, never wanting to be a wasted potential.

That’s why I have been so excited to launch the Pride Collection on the Jasper and Spice online shop! The products embody who I am as a person and have been created with every ounce of love and passion I can offer.

If you’d like more backstory on why I started this, how I did it, and the entire process from start to end; you can check out this video on my YouTube channel, or make your way through my Jasper and Spice Shop Vlogs playlist!

Now that I’ve rambled enough, it’s time I get to telling you about the fun new listings I’ve added to the shop!

Bundle & Save!

New Product Listings in the Jasper and Spice Online Shop!

wp 16430967513004953173576674327612 300x300 - New Products Listings in the Shop! ✨ 🏳️‍🌈I had so much fun making the infographic you see on the left! It was intended for an instagram post which I’ve linked here too, but I thought it’d be perfect to use in this post also.

The second-half of the Pride Collection launch was for me to add bundles to the shop, where people can purchase multiple, related products for a lower price than if they were to purchase multiple products individually.

postdivider2 1024x300 - New Products Listings in the Shop! ✨ 🏳️‍🌈


The bundles were inspired by the fact that I have various bookmarks listed that fit into smaller sub-categories within the collection, as well as bundles for the entire collection.

Recently, I dropped three quote-free versions of the pansexual, rainbow and transgender flag bookmarks and I thought that it would be nice for those who want to purchase two very similar bookmarks, to be able to purchase them at a lower price. Due to this, the ‘duo bundles’ were created.

The three listings you see above, and one below (right), are the four ‘duo bundles’ that I have, combining the following bookmarks: Pansexual Pride Flags; Solid Rainbow Pride Flags; Transgender Pride Flags; Rainbow Mountains and Rainbow Dreamer.

I also created a three-in-one listing for those of you who would like to purchase all three of the newest bookmarks which don’t include a quote. I wanted to make sure that the bookmarks that so obviously depict pride flags also come in a quote-free version for those of you who don’t feel like you resonate with the quote.

The last two bundles are the most important ones! With a collection as cool as this, how can you not want to buy all of them! Well, if you do, I have put together two bundles for your convenience. But why are there two?

The Original Six Bundle (below left) contains all of the bookmarks that were first created and uploaded when I launched the collection! As the name suggests, there are six of them in total. In addition to these being the first launched in the shop/ collection, they are the only ones in this collection that I currently have as original hand-made creations.

As for The Full Collection Bundle (below right), it contains all nine books in the Pride Collection including the three flag bookmarks that were listed after the original six.

If you are keen on purchasing any of the bookmarks you see in this post, I have done my best to link all of the products above near their respective images.

Although, if you’d prefer to take a look at all the bundle listings, please click the link below and you’ll be teleported to the listings for all the bundles!

Link to bundle listings featured in this post!

So, What’s Next?

wp 16430967538998451079348417405431 300x300 - New Products Listings in the Shop! ✨ 🏳️‍🌈Currently, I’m working on improving my blog by doing heaps of research into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Website Optimisation. I’ve updated my SEO plugin and run online SEO tests which have provided me with feedback I am currently working to implement.

I’m also learning how to market myself online, and I will work towards understanding what my analytics tell me, and why they are so important to progress.

I am doing a lot of research, reading, and taking everything one step at a time. I know my brain and how I work, what overwhelms me, etc. so I am working to my strength and speed in order to reach my ultimate goal. Always keeping in mind other small businesses that I admire and trying to understand what makes them so successful. How did they get to where they are now and how can I do it too.

My next step to reaching a larger audience is to add my products to my Etsy store. Products will be a couple dollars more on Etsy as compared to my shop, and I may or may not add a shipping cost to domestic (Australian) sales. This is due to the overhead related to selling on Etsy and the percentage cut they take on sales.

I find that people are more inclined to purchase from Etsy than an individual site, so it would benefit me. Also, I love just browsing that marketplace and coming across new and creative finds. That’s what I hope for other people to do with my products!

Thank you!

To anyone who shows interest in my shop; who purchases something; shares/ tells a friend about my shop/ blog; reads these posts; comments, likes, shares; literally does anything that helps me improve and succeed in this space. I love you and I appreciate you xxx

✍🏼 Let’s Chat! 💭

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here for book reviews, story-times/ writing updates, organisation and other bookish content.

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