New Harry Potter Wizarding School + Sorting!

New Harry Potter Wizarding School + Sorting!

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

For the release of the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie this year, Actress Evanna Lynch anounced the name of the North American wizarding school at a Pottermore Fan event in January this year. The names of the also released the names of the Brazilian, Japanese and Ugandan wizarding schools were also released at this event and are now available to read about on Pottermore.

In the past I have consulted the sorting hat and he told me that I am best suited to be in the house of Helga Hufflepuff and my partonus, as I also discovered is a is a Bassett Hound, which was pretty cool to discover as I’ve always likened myself to a dog.

My wand is super cool! It is Laurel wood with a Dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2″ and Solid flexibility. This is it below.

screen shot 2016 11 12 at 6 59 34 pm - New Harry Potter Wizarding School + Sorting!

As I mentioned earlier, the North America wizarding school, Ilvermorny has four houses: Pukwudgie, Thunderbird, Wampus, and Horned Serpent. The houses were named, not after the founders of the houses, but by the founders of each house who did not seem very creativeminds especially with a name like Horned Serpent. I have read a bit and discovered that each house is named after a magical animal, though still not as cool as Hogwarts tbh.  But each to his own house.

According to Pottermore;

The great North American school of magic was founded in the seventeenth century. It stands at the highest peak of Mount Greylock, where it is concealed from non-magic gaze by a variety of powerful enchantments, which sometimes manifest in a wreath of misty cloud.


Now To The Sorting!

Harry Potter Wiki states that in order to be sorted into a specific house, a studen must step onto a Gordian Knot on the floor in the centre of the entrance hall with large wooden statues of the mascots for the four houses facing them. The carved statues react if they want the student in their house. The older students watch in silence from a circular balcony on a floor above them as the new students are sorted.

The carvings on the floor react by doing the following to determine which house the individual has been sorted in:

For me, the carvings reacted by *drum roll please*

Raising Its Arrow!

Yes, I am a proud Puckwudgie!!

ilvermorny wallpapers pukwudgie 1 - New Harry Potter Wizarding School + Sorting!

A Pukwudgie is wickedly smart and independant, with the Hogwarts equivalent being Ravenclaw, which was the house I origionally thought I was going to be sorted into but I’m a prous Hufflepuff and my Ilvermorny house may not resemble that but it still has a cool ass name!


Please comment what Ilvermorny and Hogwarts house you were sorted in and what you think of the house names.


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Monday 🙂

bree xoxo - New Harry Potter Wizarding School + Sorting!

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