NANO Accepting Defeat and Final Words.

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NaNoWriMo is over!

For me usually, this post will be arriving a little late to my blog. I am currently on my last day in Mumbai on a Social Impact Project of which it is currently Saturday afternoon. We will be heading off on an 8hr train ride tonight; destination: PAL.

In my earlier blog posts – NaNoWriMo Bi-Weekly Update and NaNoWriMo Preparation – I gave you information on my current WIP titled Realise. Realise was initially a Wattpad ‘poem’ book that has 26 chapters and a good base foundation for a full novel.

Realise tells the story of a girl named Jaz who loves a boy, Ed. It also tells the story of Jaz and Josh but through Jaz’s hurtful eyes. My aim is to write a story in which the reader sympathises with the background characters while not liking the main one. I aim to write this in a way in which it is enjoyable to read but also spark deep emotion in the reader.

Writing Progress for the Month of November (NaNo Month)

So… I failed NaNoWriMo. There will be no excuses or explanations in this post, just cold hard facts about my current WIP and how I plan to proceed in the future with it.

screen shot 2018 12 03 at 10 08 58 pm - NANO Accepting Defeat and Final Words.I use a website called Pacemaker to track my writing progress. It’s clean and effective to use and tells you the percentage you’ve written in your novel. As per 30th November, I wrote only 14% of my novel. A shameful amount which I intend to improve over the coming months.

screen shot 2018 12 03 at 10 09 06 pm - NANO Accepting Defeat and Final Words.

Shown above is also a daily word count tracker of the period of time you’ve set (or as per current date).

Realise currently has 6,513 words and 53 pages as most of the pages are chapters that have been planned out prior to writing the novel. Unlike The Inversion, I had a full story plan for this novel with annotations and snippets of dialogue from the previous Wattpad version.

My plan from here is to keep writing this novel and hopefully finish it in the coming months and have the first draft edited by June/ July 2019. Don’t hold me to it, but that is my short-term goal to hopefully kickstart my writing career.

2 e1530100090524 - NANO Accepting Defeat and Final Words.

How did NaNoWriMo go for you??

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1 - NANO Accepting Defeat and Final Words.

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