I’M ON YOUTUBE!!! (BookTube Newbie)

I’M ON YOUTUBE!!! (BookTube Newbie)

Heyo Bookaholics!

I’ve finally done it!

What have I done you ask? Well if you think I couldn’t put my face on the internet enough, I’ve stepped it up a notch and I made a YouTube channel!! Yep, you read right; my channel has the same name as this blog – Jasper and Spice – and I’ve currently posted a BookTube Newbie Tag of which I am so proud of!

You can watch the video above. It took me ages to edit because I’m so new at it and I was so scared it wasn’t perfect or up to YouTube standard.

I hope to post content that includes the following:

  • Books – Hauls, TBRs, Wrap-ups
  • Journalling – Journal Flip-through, Scrapbooking pages
  • Beauty Guru – Expanding on posts from my blog
  • VLOGS!
  • Random Book Games
  • Hopefully a Q&A – At least one.
  • Other random ideas that’ll come to me in the future.

Next week on my channel I will be posting a TBR for the month of July. I am currently in the process of editing it and cutting out all of the umms and arrrs that happen when I talk spontaneously.

I really hope you all enjoy my first video! Please let me know in the comments of my video or any of my socials what feedback you have on this video and what other content you’d like to see on my channel.
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Have you seen my new video? What do you think?! I’ve had some wonderful feedback and cannot wait to post the next one xx

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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1 - I'M ON YOUTUBE!!! (BookTube Newbie)

Thank You, With Love Bree xx

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