I Don’t Like Me (Poem)

I Don’t Like Me (Poem)

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As well as writing full-length books and short stories, I have an affinity for poems especially when I want to let all of my emotions out.

I may share some of my more emotional and heartfelt poems here in the future if there is more interest for them; but here is one I wrote.

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I Don't Like Me

I don't let you see this hate for me.

Why would I want you want to?

I show my narcissism and my greed,
For the pain and pleasure, I plead,
For you to show love for me;
So that I can see
The person you want me to be.

You call me selfish, nasty and rude,
I hate myself, why start a feud?

I'm trying to make this rhyme, 
but what rhymes with rhyme?

How can I rhyme when there is so much strife
in my life
and it feels like a knife 
is pressed against my chest;
I'm trying my best, 
but I can't seem to catch a rest
only to fall at the end of this test
and lay in a heap 
when the knife snags my chest
and I swear I tried my best,
I can attest
to everything I say.
Please, please, please let me stay.

I don't want to go yet, 
I'll get better you bet.

It's happened before;
I don't keep score.
It could've been four,
or five,
or ten;
for you had faith in me then
please, i'll try to be more zen.

This is why I don't show 
this hate that I sow,
inside of my heart
can I use the word fart?

The home of my feelings
where they keep congealing
and morphing, I ask myself 
why did I not leave my thoughts on the shelf?

Bring them to you
I did not mean to do.
Now you hate me too.

It's true.

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What are your thoughts on my first rhyming poem attempt??

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1 - I Don't Like Me (Poem)

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