Gregory & The Grimbockle By Melanie Schubert | Review

Gregory & The Grimbockle By Melanie Schubert | Review
I received the book direct from the Author in return for an honest review. This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own, and passages from the book referenced will be quoted. Massive thanks to the Author Melanie Schubert for this opportunity.

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It seems like it’s been forever since my last book review with all the wrap-up, haul, TBR and New Years posts that have been consuming my blog; although I really loved to share all of that with you guys, I’m glad to be reviewing again!

gregory and the grimbockle book cover - Gregory & The Grimbockle By Melanie Schubert | Review

Goodreads Summary:

Ten-year-old Gregory is about to find out that the enormous mole stuck straight beneath his nose is not just a mole, but is actually a humpy crumpy portal of skin that hides a creature called the Grimbockle.

What’s more? The Grimbockle is just one of the many strange little creatures called Bockles tending to the mysterious threads that connect all humans from one to the other. It is a very important job and one that has long been carried out with incredible secrecy…

…that is, before tonight.


Published on November 9th 2017; Gregory and The Grimbockle is a book written by Melbourne author Melanie Schubet, illustrated by Abigail Kraft, and paired with music composed by Jared Kraft. The wonderful publishing company New Wrinkle Publishing creates this alternative reading experience where the reader can listen to a custom soundtrack created to enhance the readers experience of specific events in the novel.

I’m going to start off with the only negative thing about this novel, saying that I wasn’t sure how the soundtrack related to the book as there were no cues for when to play each track. The only hint I has as to when to play the tracks was the title of the composed piece.

I love how this through the Grimbockle, this novel I found has the potential to teach children the pronunciation of new words. With really cute pronunciations like “hoo-man” for human, and “Gregor-ee” for when the Grimbockle referred to Gregory.

I really  really loved how over the whole book, but mostly in the last 50 pages of the book, the Bockles really expressed the importance of family and how the connections that one can have to family and friends can make their life better, longer, happier and healthier.


I have rated this book a ★★★★☆ (4/5 stars) on Goodreads for all the positives stated above and many many more cute reasons.

As a child I would have picked up this book and read it as I was into books like Judy Moody and Geronimo with strong family messages, quirky characters and fun adventures.

Thank You

I would like to thank Melanie Schubert (whom you can follow on Instagram @melanie_schubert_author). She is an amazing woman who approached me with a review request, sent me this book and has also agreed to do an interview for my blog.  Thank You so much Melanie!


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bree xoxo - Gregory & The Grimbockle By Melanie Schubert | Review

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