Finally, A Writing Update! 4.5 Months Into Draft 1 (SW#49)

Finally, A Writing Update! 4.5 Months Into Draft 1 (SW#49)

Hello Beautiful,

I did the writing today!

Ever since NaNoWriMo 2019, I’ve been keeping you posted on my writing progress in various blog posts which can be found at this link or by searching the NaNoWriMo 2019 tag on this site!

The last ‘official’ writing update on here was What I’ve Written So Far In 2020, which was posted on Jan 31st. I speak about what writing I’d accomplished in January, which due to a holiday, catching up on 2019 things and a writing slump, I only wrote 700 words. This brought my total at Feb 1st to 25,700.

I honestly don’t know what happened during February. I don’t even know if February even happened? I think I wrote and maybe read but mostly it was a month of stress and the start of this whole world drama.

The last post about my writing, which I am dubbing the latest [unofficial] update is; I Made My OCs In The Sims4, which I posted on March 4th. Here I show off my main characters Alyson and Lorena and also mention that as at the start of March I had written 34,000 words.

So I must’ve been writing something in Feb because in a month I had written almost 10,000 words, seriously impressing the pants off of myself as I write this post.

No, but seriously, it’s really hot in Australia right now.

Alas, the pants must remain on. Since my last update, I have only written 2,000 words. That is exactly equal to 1,000 words a week, bringing my total word count to a whopping 36,039 words.

I wrote all 2,000 of those words today.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to write in various ways:

  • Pulling out my writer’s notebook and keeping it with me whenever I have my computer open
  • Always having my WIP open in another window ready to be worked on
  • Posting my writing progress to Instagram
  • Discussing and researching for my WIP. Although this ultimately puts me off writing because I have to translate all my notes onto the document then make them readable and I haven’t yet found a way to trick myself into thinking this is a really fun task.

All in all, I think the best help for motivating me to write has been online chats on both Instagram and Twitter with people responding positively to my update stories and also having that support through The YA Page community.

The book community is so kind and motivating that it really helps to increase confidence and give that motivation needed to finish the project.

I have decided that due to my slow progress with writing, I will be making these update posts monthly from now on. This way you all can shame me if I haven’t written enough in the month, but also so I can see progress in realistic increments, such as the 10k words I smashed out in February.

Are you writing anything?
What are you writing?

If you have a WIP that you love to talk about, please do so in the comments below! Let me know your progress and let’s all be in this journey together!
I hope your WIPs are progressing as you expect without any writer’s blocks and that you don’t run out of snacks, coffee or tea needed to sustain you whilst you write xx

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