Bookish Text Posts!

Here are some  totally relatable  bookish text posts that I have gathered off Pintrest.

Warning: These will probably confuse those people who do not read or understand the joy of reading.



1. When you spend a whole day unnecessarily worrying over fictional characters. 

2. Always listen to your master.

3. Glow in the dark ink. 

4. Reading requires great will power. 

5. The Bookworm species. 



6. Dear Producers and script writers; Please read the book before making the film. 

7. Please do this for your child. 

8. *sniff* *sniff* mmmmmhh booookksss

9. Eat. Sleep. Read. Repeat. 


10. Those chapters 


11. Bring Back Blurbs Movement!


Hope you enjoyed;

Bree xx


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