Blogging Favourites Feb 2018

Blogging Favourites Feb 2018

Heyo Bookaholics!

You know how some colours seem to match up to certain ‘things’ such as months of the year, days of the week, and even subjects. So in my mind, the month of February – in my mind – seems to feel like the colour light green, hence the nice light green accent in the post header and the words in this post.

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Blogger favourites, are things that I use on a daily basis that helps me with my blog and my blogging activities.

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My New Glasses

Months of dry eyes, and headaches lead to an optometrist who prescribed me reading glasses, and me being as extra as I am wanted Tiffany branded glasses. So of course i went onto Pret a Voir and snagged these glasses for half the price I would’ve picked them up for in Australia (with lenses and all). I cannot read or use my phone without these and they are a lot of money well spent.

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Mickey Mouse Typo Pen

Typo pens are the best. I know they are so expensive for a pen, mostly because they’re just novelty items, but I would pay whatever price they advertise because the quality of the pens are amazing. If you love thin pens to make your writing look neat and beautiful, then these pens are for you. The Micky Mouse pen is my favourite because unlike the other novelty pens, it’s thin and cute ☺.

Mac Book Air

I’ve had my Mac for almost three years now and it’s holding up really well, very trustworthy especially for blogging and keeping track of my reading. The only issue is the space as I have so many photos and music stored on it. Featured below with a list of my latest blog posts.

img201802241354191133523077 - Blogging Favourites Feb 2018

White Board

My dad got me this white board and I literally use it for everything, especially to keep track of blog posts, book launches (as above), and of course homework!

img201802241354561048802506 e1519446090897 - Blogging Favourites Feb 2018Daiso Notebook

If I need notebooks to throw around or I know I’ll run through them quickly I buy cheap ones from Daiso, a $2.80 AUD store from Japan. This store is amazing! Mostly because I can buy a 1L bottle of pure cold Green Tea (no fkn sugar!) and other stuff like stickers and chair socks. This notebook has been a life saver for all of my blogging needs and is literally the only one thing keeping my blogging schedule alive.

I hoped you all enjoyed this post! Leave a comment below of what you rely on for your blog. If you have any recommendations of other blogger things I should use, tell me in the comments below!


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Saturday 🙂

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