Bargain Books and Back to School.Β 

3 - Bargain Books and Back to School.Β 

Hey Everyone!
School has been hectic! I have been bombarded with homework and I’ve been making constant timelines and to-do lists just to keep up during these crazy few weeks.

This isn’t really much of a back to school post, but I do have a cool story to tell; and it is about my favourite things in the whole entire world. No not food. That’s the second best. No, this post is a story about the time I spent thirteen (Australian) dollars on a box set of four paperback books.

I wasn’t intending to buy books at all. Honestly; but I just so happened to walk into QBD Bookstore and see this amazing box set of the complete Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick, so naturally (as you do) I checked the price, and low and behold; it had a sale sticker $12.99.

img 1066 - Bargain Books and Back to School. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was purely magical!

$13 FOR A BOX SET OF 4 BOOKS?? 70% OFF?!

‘No this can’t be real.’ I thought to myself, but I brought them to the counter and yes it was true and now I am blessed with a box full of 4 amazing books.

img 1062 - Bargain Books and Back to School. 

If you are wondering, the box includes;

Hush Hush




All books can be found on the QBD Bookstore website (or in store) in the links if you click on the book you most desire. The complete collection box set can be purchased on the site  here.



Take care,

Bree xx


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