69k On My WIP Bby! (SW#58 ;)

69k On My WIP Bby! (SW#58 ;)

Hai Beautiful!

I’m Nearly At 70k!

Usually, I would give you all a huge update at the end of the month (there will still be one, a very excited one) but I want to talk about my WIP today.

I also have an exam tomorrow.

So there’s that to procrastinate.

But I’m also mature… 😉

When I saw that I had hit 69,000 words my first thought was “oh shit! I’m nearly at 70k!” and my second thought was “hehe, 69… hehehehhe.”

Can you blame me?

I’m putting this down to a few things:
* I’m immature
* I’m writing a middle-grade novel and therefore must think like them
* I have been holed up inside for almost two weeks now because of exam study
* I’m a literal child, albeit a 21-year-old-child

In all seriousness though, when I hit 60k – which had been my goal since the start of my novel in November 2019 – I almost had a fit. There was no better feeling than finally reaching a goal that I’d never before thought achievable.

At that point, the story was nowhere near done and I had severely underestimated the number of words I would need to write this story in all its glory.

The weirdest thing was that I suddenly realised that I had no freaking idea how many words my story would realistically need, so from there on out I was setting blind word-count goals, just hoping to reach the end.

Now I’m 900 words away from 70k and something just feels right.

Everything suddenly makes sense, including the direction in which I need to take the story.
So here is a little list of everything I need to accomplish before the novel is finally over.

  1. The next chapter I’m writing is a fairytale within the story about the witches lore;
  2. I need to write a whole fight-scene style sequence in which one of the characters attempts to rid the world of all the influence of dark magic and weaken the main magic-user;
  3. The witch court will be introduced to settle some things;
  4. I need to write a heartfelt goodbye scene in which everyone is in tears because things didn’t work out the way they planned and now they have to part ways;
  5. Need to send my main girls home and to bed before the parents get home;
  6. Complete the epilogue which I have partially written!

Throughout the next 6 chapters plus an Epilogue, I am expecting to reach 80k, something I’d never even thought I’d say and a goal that would be absolutely wonderful to reach.

I hope you enjoyed my 69k WIP update 😉

As mentioned, I’ll have a full 8-month update at the end of this month, so keep your eyes out for that!

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