May 2016 Book Challenge

2 - May 2016 Book Challenge

Hey Guys,

I am so proud to announce that Emilie of @createexploreread and I (@jasperandspice) have teamed up to bring you the May 2016 Book Challenge.

Join us on Instagram with the tag #CERJSMay16BookChallenge for a fun month of book photography. You can also play along here on WordPress and on Tumblr, where I will track the tag and post my favourite photos on my journaling account.


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Emilie and I have left the prompts largely open to interpretation but if you get stuck, I have explained the prompts in the way that I would interpret them.

  1. May Book Excitement (TBR) – Showcase all the books you plan to read in the month of May! Be sure to include the titles so everyoneelse can read along with you.
  2. Bright Books – Books so bright they hurt your eyes! Show us your blinding book covers
  3. Book(s) that got you into reading – My personal favourite. This one’s quite straigthforward.
  4. Spines – Two words. Simplistic Beauty. Bare it all and show off those spines; whether they be paperback, dust jackets or naked hardbacks.
  5. Wear & Tear – I love to see wear on old books, it shows the love and adoration of the previous owners, especially when they’ve been passed down through the family. What does your companoin look like?
  6. Book & Bag – Everyone carries their books around differnently. How to you take your friend out?
  7. Latest Bookish Purchase – What goodies have you picked up lately? Was it a comic for Free comic book day?
  8. Fandom Favs – It’s Mothers Day! Lets give it up for all the bookish mothers out there! Who’s the mother of your fandom?
  9. Books that tear your heart out? – There’s always that one book that insists your heart is nothing but a beating vessel. That one author that intends to make you cry and wish it hadn’t happened. Or maybe there are more than one.
  10. Partial Book – Books that fall apart are no fun at all, but lose pages can look awsome in a journal.
  11. Library Books – We can never own all the books, but we know just the place that does! Borrow a book (or maybe 10 books) from your local library or one youve never been to.
  12. Book & Nature – Leave your room today. But don’t forget to take a book!
  13. Good books, Bad Covers – All those covers that make you cringe just looking at them, but you have them anyway because the book is just so good!
  14. Book & Friend(s) – Convert your friend into a crazy book lover like yourself and take a photo as proof 🙂
  15. Favourite Fantasy – Deamons, dragons, devils and dungeons. Warlocks, wizards and weebling warts. What’s your favourite fantasy read? Bonus points for anyone who includes their favourite fantasy word or creature.
  16. Better on the Inside – Book maps and page numbers can make a whole world of difference when reading a book. Sometimes they’re cooler than the cover.
  17. Book & Drink – Morning reads are amazing! Pair them with a breakfast smooothie and your in heaven! What do you drink when you read?
  18. Bookish Life – You’re the book lover. How do you live your life?
  19. Favourite Titles – They range from a single word to a witty one liner. Which is your favourite?
  20. Book & Pet – If you don’t have a pet, maybe a stuffed toy?
  21. Author Crush – We all have one. I just haven’t found mine yet.
  22. Hardcover – The most expensive and hardest to look after. How many hardbacks do you have on your shelf?
  23. Little Known Book – The book that no one has ever heard of. It has no fandom and you left all alone, wwith no one to share your sorrow. Which book is it?
  24. Books & Flowers – It’s a well known fact that flowers make everything prettier, especially when they’re real.
  25. Favourite Trilogy – Trilogies have the power to cram everything into three books, nice and neatly. Which is your favourite?
  26. Books & Sandals – I believe it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere, so take out your sandals and crack open a good book. Enjoy the sunshine!
  27. Favourite Secondary Character – Let’s be honest; Harry is awsome but Neville was prety freaking badass!
  28. Book & Pattern – Create a pattern out of books, or find a pattern that resembles the deeper meaning of the book.
  29. Blue Books – Get out your Blue Books lovelies!
  30. Book + Coffee or Tea? – A good read requires a good drink. Just be careful not to spill any!
  31. Favourite Book Ending – Ending the book and ending a month are one in the same; except one can leave you in denial and the other with 31 days of photos 🙂


Hope you all join in and don’t forget to tag #CERJSMay16BookChallenge to your bookish photos!

Love, Bree xx


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