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I skipped day eight of #FinnFuryRevolution to celebrate my birthday, and now I’m jumping straight on to today’s prompt Bloody Sunday – Books Set in Russia or Books By Russian Authors.

A note on the challenge Instagram post left by C. G. Drew and Finn next to this prompt says that the two hosts chose this prompt due to finding out that in 1905, according to the old Russian calendar, it was a Sunday. I did some further research and found evidence of this and some other fun facts about Soviet Russia’s old calendar.

  • Until January 4th 2018, Russia used the Old Style Calendar also known as the Julian calendar proposed by Julius Cesar as a reform of the Roman calendar.
  • After this date, the calendar was replaced by the calendar we use today, known as the Gregorian or New Style Calendar.

Calender Evidence: See 9th of Jan.

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IMG 5195 - Diverse Book Settings - Books Set In Russia!In terms of taking photos for this prompt for my Instagram, I had no idea what to take photos of! I took a photo of All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr which is a WWII novel about a blind girl and a Hitler youth boy, but not as you’d expect. Though not set in the country, it has Russian influences by mentioning the army and the way they treated innocent bystanders/ victims left hiding and stranded by the war. I didn’t want this to be my only memory of Russian influence in YA, so I’ve taken it upon myself as a challenge to find YA books set in Russia to add to my impossible TBR.

Research Time!

Of course, like anyone looking for book recommendations, I ended up on scrolling through the trusty depository of books known as Goodreads! I scrolled through the list waiting for something to pop out to me and found the following popular YA novels that are already on my TBR!

  • The Shadow and Bone Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
  • The Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray
  • Hunted by Meagan Spooner

screen shot 2019 01 09 at 10.48.02 pm - Diverse Book Settings - Books Set In Russia! screen shot 2019 01 09 at 10.49.34 pm - Diverse Book Settings - Books Set In Russia! screen shot 2019 01 09 at 10.50.38 pm - Diverse Book Settings - Books Set In Russia!

These are just three of a giant list that I could read all night. The message here is that there are books, popular or otherwise set in obscure places such as Russia as opposed to the usual America and the United Kingdom settings.

I think it’s always more fun to read about books that take place in places other than the norm. I always like to read novels that take place in Australia, especially in my home city of Melbourne. Have you read any of these Russian set books? Also, what are your thoughts on the impact that the setting makes on the story?


Have you read, or are you reading any books set in Russia?? Leave them below, I’d love to add them to my huge ass TBR! Also, please put the names of any Russian authors down in the comments too.

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