Book Challenge May 6

8 - Book Challenge May 6

Place your books in a bookish bag and take them somewhere nice or better yet, bring books home in a bookstore issued bag.

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I purchased these a while ago from Robinson’s Bookshop, and I haven’t read Another Day yet but I have finished His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.

His Dark Materials was recommended to me last year by my English Language teacher who claimed that it was her favourite series, telling me she had read the whole series in a week, and I honestly wasn’t surprised by that.

Considering I attend a Catholic school, I felt a little bit rebellious reading a book that likened the church on the Devil, with their acts of cruelty towards children and total disregard for the public. It opened my eyes to how the church used to act and how many people viewed the church as a governing body and not what the loving caring community that they should be. Instead, the story, like many others set in that time period demonstrated how the church abused their God by acting unjustly in his name; using his name to gain followers and money to fund their expeditions and illegal activities that the public had no knowledge of.

The book, like many others of its kind, has made me more impartial to the information I am presented with at school and by the media.

I award this book ★★★★★ (5 stars) for Philip Pullman had me entranced and unable to put the book down. It was also quite hard to read another book after this one since his writing was so detailed and exceptional that everything else seemed to basic and dull.



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