Book Challenge May 5

7 - Book Challenge May 5

Time to show some much-needed love to those books which have been beaten and bruised, battered and used.

img 3721 - Book Challenge May 5

Here is my worn out book. It’s titled; ‘The Treasury of Knowledge’ and belonged to my father before I found it and put it in a place where it will be kept safe and unharmed.

This book and has been worn and taped up on the spine so that the hard cover and the pages are not aligned and the old tape makes up most of the spine.

img 3732 - Book Challenge May 5

It is the oldest book I own and the only book in this condition. I was quite shocked when dad showed it to me in this condition to use for a school project but I’m glad I haveit.

May you all look after all your books and tear them with the love they deserve (especially your hardbacks).



Bree xx


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