Book Challenge May 12

13 - Book Challenge May 12

I don’t really take my books out of the house much, mostly because I very rarely go out, and also because I’m a little bit scared that my books will be damaged.

img 3572 - Book Challenge May 12

These beautiful quotes are featured at the beginning of More Than This by Patrick Ness who is one of the most amazing writers I have encountered thus far and is probably second to J.K. Rowling in my Top 3 Authors.


The Quotes featured are…

“You ask  a question in the mirror. Alas, no answer could be clearer.”

– Aimee Mann


“Nothing fades as fast as the future, Nothing clings like the past.”

-Peter Gabriel


I finished this book in the month of May and immediately added all of Patrick Ness’s other books to my ever-growing TBR!



Bree xx


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