Sweet 16!

101 - Sweet 16!
This is my first post on Jasper + Spice and I am so excited to share this milestone in my first blog post on my brand new blog! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time, having experimented with many platforms before, I found that WordPress is the best one for me. Although I may not post often in the future, I just hope that this blog will blossom into a beautiful website which I can be proud of. Thank you and I hope you enjoy xx


HORRAY I’m 16!

My party was amazing!

My amazing mum cooked tasty meals for my closest friends and family who came to celebrate with me. We danced, laughed, talked, told stories and had an overall great time. I received many gifts which I am always grateful for and would like to show.

flatlay - Sweet 16!

card - Sweet 16! cropped bookgood - Sweet 16!edgood - Sweet 16! shoe - Sweet 16!

featured; handmade card from my sister + flower crowns + #vague beanie + everyday and two boys kissing by david leviathan + jewellery + ed sheeran autobiography + tony bianco sandles

Love, Bree x

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