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131 - To Do List Printables

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the second post in the 2016 Back to School Series: To-Do List Printables. 

As I mentioned in my most recent post about organisation (link here); I absolutely love creating timetables. But there is one other organisation tool I rely on just as much as timetables, and they are to-do lists!

The Holy Grail of organisation tools. For people with little time and lots to do.

Below, I’ve attached a few links and descriptions to to-do list printables; including some of my favourite places to buy to-do list planners for the not-so-creative souls, who just want a quick fix planner and aren’t afraid to spend the money.
First up is a printable I found to help me complete my last minuite homework in the last two weeks of school holidays. It is by The Project Girl and is only a two week planner but has boxes which splits the day in three parts for efficient time management.

picture 321 - To Do List Printables


This site I discovered quite recently has a crazy amount of different types of to-do lists for all types of events. These include chores, tasks, to student and daily planners; and are suitable for people who don’t like much colour, or like to add their own personal touch to a pain template.

checklist to do list - To Do List Printableswho what when to do list - To Do List Printables


ListTemplate is a site where you are free to print off any template available for absolutely any occation available. Unlike the previous website, you are able to either print off a pre-made checklist for a specific occation or fill out your own from a template provided. Many of the ones featured on this website are more checklists than planners.

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Brit+Co’s post No Excuses: 20 Free Printable To-Do Lists is my blogging goals and contains a list of 20 amazingly free printable to-do lists for you to enjoy!

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Next is my one of my all time favourite stationary shops; Typo, part of the Cotton On group. Their planners, diaries and callenders are eye catching and quirky, to make sure you never miss an event, ever.

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If you’re willing to spend the money, Kikki.K had the cutest planners and diaries on the market; with their seasonal designs and occasional sales, if your someone who loves colour, you can’t go wrong.

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Hope this helps and Happy Planning 🙂

Bree xx


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