School-Bag Essentials

121 - School-Bag Essentials

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the third and final installment of the 2016 Back to School Series: School-Bag Essentials. 

I don’t know about you, but  throughout the school year, my school bag becomes a like my bedroom at school – considering I am there 5/7 days in the week – and I need certain items in order to maintain an acceptable level of sanity at school.

So here is a list I have compiled of The Essential Items to keep in a School Bag.

1. Hand sanitizer. Always carry one of these. If not for you, do it for a friend.

2. Wet/ Make-up Wipes. Always handy to have around.

3. Tissues. Now these everyone needs and are the most important item to have, especially on those drab winter days when you spontaneously become sick and the classroom is out of tissues; you know there will always be a pack in your bag.

4. Pens, pencils, and other stationary items; including a notepad! Even if you’re like me and have 2 pencils, 10 pens, 3 rubbers, a pad of sticky notes, scissors and random bits of paper already crammed into your bulging pencil case; always carry an extra pen or two in a small pocket in your backpack. You’ll never know when your ink will run out in the middle of taking down notes in class or you may forget your diary at home and need to write your homework somewhere safe (i.e. notepad).

5. Your wallet; containing keys, important cards, and money. My wallet endures a lot considering it gets thrown from bag to bag whenever I leave the house. It is my ultimate essential. I recommend getting a small wallet that is easy to conceal but also big enough to fit your keys, ID, money, lipgloss, and for most people, your phone.

6. Umbrella. One thing I’ve learnt from living in Melbourne is that any kind of weather is possible, so always pack an umbrella. My mother would never let me leave the house without an umbrella – or a jacket for that matter – but you never know what the weather will do, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

7. Plastic bags. In all honesty, I have at least one plastic bag inside every one of the bags I take out with me (about 5 in my school bag because I’m lazy) and they are life savers. Especially helpful if you need to store a wet umbrella or if you want to cover your bag when you get stuck walking in the rain.

8. Gum. The ultimate love of my life. I know there are rules against this at most schools but aren’t rules there to be broken? This is the one thing I must always have on me. Whether it be to get fresher breath or calm my nerves before a SAC (test/ exam), I can always rely on my best friend or my school bag to supply me some fresh minty chewy freshness.

9. Mouthwash (pocket edition). One of the newest additions to my bag is this little guy. As we all know lunches can be  the most tasty meal of the day, but it can also leave your breath smelling like a dead fish till the end of the day; so to avoid the embarrassment, I carry around a small bottle of mouthwash (since I don’t have an endless supply of gum) and use it after I eat. It is a real life saver.

I hope this list helped you to pack your bag for the coming semester, ensuring you have all the essentials needed for a comfortable and sanitary life at the most unsanitary and uncomfortable place on earth. School.

If you feel I have missed anything that you swear upon keeping inside your schoolbag on a daily basis; don’t be afraid to let me know down in the comments section below.


Have a happy and healthy second semester at school!


Bree xx

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