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Today I want to discuss with you choosing and buying exercise books for school. I chose this topic because it is a think I tend to struggle with choosing the right ones, and end up with about ten different half-used notebooks throughout the year. Because of this I want to teach you all what I have learnt and how you can learn from my mistakes.

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Exercise books come in all shapes, sizes, line width, line length, page count, paper thickness. The list can go on forever. The amount of variation from one exercise book to another is crazy.

Today Im here to make it all easier and help you chose the best exercise book to buy for whatever subject you may be taking.

Firstly, there are three factors I’d like you to keep in mind while reading this post:

1. Price.
This is a deciding factor for many people. Buying books off of a school list can be a lot more expensive than buying then at a stationary store like Officeworks as the school list tends to be more expensive  due to lack of sales and promotions.
So if you are making a purchasing decision based solely off of price, then I recommend going to a bulk stationary store such as Officeworks, of if you are very tight for money, dollar stores typically work a treat.

2. Weight and Storage
Yeah books can be heavy, especially when you have to lug them from school to home and back everyday it really make a difference what book you buy.
Always consider how many books you are carrying everyday before buying books and WHERE YOU ARE STORING THEM! I want to really make this clear because being me, I bought books that were too tall to fit into my locker and nearly too thick to sit in my school bag alongside the other books. Learn from my mistakes and always know your storage space so you don’t regret your purchase.

3. Places To Buy Exercise Books.
If you don’t mind how much you spend on school supplies, there are so so many places to buy exercise books varying on your taste and personal style.
I tend to gravitate towards the more practical 128 page, feint-lined books from bulk office supply places like Officeworks, and on occasion, the cutesie overpriced slogan covered books with slip pockets (that I never use).
The latter books can be found in places such as Typo, Kikki.K, or any other over-priced stationary seller that in all honesty are just for making school more enjoyable. At the end of the post I will detail the issue with using these books.

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Choosing Books For Specific Classes

Starting off easy. When buying books for art classes you should typically follow the booklist as art teachers are strict af (you can tell I don’t do art).
Although, if you do’t have a strict meanie art teacher I always found that the plain black art books with thick paper (to prevent bleed through) are the best for your art classes and I personally can only find them at bulk stationary stores as mentioned above.

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Math/ Science!
If your primary school supplied your exercise books then you will know that math was always done in a gridded notebook (or note maybe that’s just me), and I was crazy going into high school not using these books. I soon learnt that using a lined notebook works perfectly fine!
Math and science are both subjects that require calculations and a lot of paperwork, so I recommend finding a cheap book with a large number of pages such as the 128 page ones I use. I suggest ‘boring’ and ‘bland’ notebooks for this subject because they will be thrown around and ruined but also because cute books with high page counts are sooo hard to find.

English/ History/ Geography/ Etc.
So despite my love for reading, writing and blogging, I absolutely hated English and all Humanities subjects, so to combat this (and because I didn’t need a lot of paper for these subjects) I bought all the cute colourful books that had slogans such as “Wake Me Up When School Is Over”, a gem I had found at Typo.

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The only thing I dislike about these cute/ slogan books is the fact that they have limited pages and the lines are super thick which makes it difficult to write in black pen – because all my blue pens die too quickly.


Here are the books I am using for my blogging and Uni work. I find these so helpful as they are small practical, cute and pink. This is my taste! Chose what works best for you as you may need to try many different books before you find the right one.

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I really hope this helped anyone shopping for books, and just remember that everyone’s needs are different and this is just a guide to follow if you ever get stuck.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Saturday 🙂

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