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To replace the Back To School Series that I do every year, I am going to be documenting my time at Hospitality school! This is week 2!

Week 1 I spoke a little bit about the course. You can read about my Introductory class here. A little bit of backstory can be found in my previous post, a small snippet here… I am going to be doing a new course called Certificate IV in Hospitality and Leadership Management. It runs over 19 weeks (3 months), with one session each week, and can be completed within a 12 month period. 


23rd February 2019 – Week 2:

This week we focused on how to make the best coffee as well as other drinks using coffee. screen shot 2019 02 23 at 4.21.11 pm - Hospitality Course Week 2

We learnt:

  • What makes the perfect espresso?
  • How to use a manual coffee machine, and how to test if the coffee that is made correctly.
  • That Arabica beans have a curve line down the middle of the bean, and Robusta beans have a straight line down the middle.
  • Making a Dry, Dirty and Filthy Martini & and Espresso Martini (using all of the coffee we made prior)
  • How to steam and pour milk into a coffee glass.

Out of the two sessions (with all the hype I make, it feels like more), this was my favourite one! I have been born and raised around coffee, with my parents and family friends complaining and criticising the perfect coffee.

As for me, I only started drinking coffee this year mainly because I felt kinda awkward going to the coffee shop with my best friend before Uni and not ordering anything. Also I just really craved the taste and bitterness of coffee. Bad idea. Coffee has bad effects for me, worsens my anxiety and shaking by increasing my heart rate, and well, just do coffee things.

Anyways this post isn’t about me and my inability to handle coffee.


My favourite part was learning about the coffee beans and how they can affect the quality of a coffee. As I mentioned above, Arabica beans have a curve line down the middle of the bean and Robusta beans have a straight line down the middle. A Robusta bean is inferior in taste and will taste like bitter ass if they’re not mixed in with Arabica beans when coffee is made.

The beans also have natural oils so they need to be stored in a cool dry place once the packet has been opened to retain these natural oils for the next time they’re used. These oils come out in the coffee when it is made. When making an espresso, you may see a thin layer on top of the coffee that looks like a darker thin layer of coffee; this is actually the oils of the beans coming out into the coffee, giving it a fresher smell and taste. This oil layer is called the crema – which translates to creme in Italian.

I had so much fun learning about coffee, something I have grown up around and heard people talk about constantly, but I’ve never been given the facts about the caffeinated Italian drink everyone is so addicted to and in love with.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something about coffee like I did! I will be bringing you all some more writing updates and related writing content on Wednesdays!

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