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Heyo Bookaholics!

I love learning!

To replace the Back To School Series that I do every year, I am going to be documenting my time at Hospitality school!

Alongside my current course, I am going to be doing a new course called Certificate IV in Hospitality and Leadership Management. It runs over 19 weeks (3 months), with one session each week, and can be completed within a 12 month period. Every Friday – with the exception of this week – I will be posting about what I did in the course, some tips and tricks I was taught, and the progress I’ve made from week to week. Feel free to leave questions about the course and the content I post, in the comments below! I will answer them all in the next post!

What is Hospitality School?

‘Hospitality School’ is the name I have given the course. The real name of the course is a dual Certificate IV (4) in Hospitality and Leadership & Management. It is a short course that gives the student a certificate equipping them with the skills to work in the hospitality industry. The student will gain their RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol), RSF (Responsible Service of Food), and the two Certificate fours.

This course may be funded by the Australian Government depending on your eligibility, and you can enrol in a maximum of two government-subsidised courses in one year.

Why Am I doing this?

I chose to do this course to have an extra qualification that is in stark contrast to my current Accounting/ Technology course. It gives me skills that will leave me with a one up in the job searching game and if not a job, then some cool party tricks!

15th February 2019 – Week 1:

Situation: It’s the morning of ‘the thing’ first day of class and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!! I was anxious, naked, and on top of that, I had no idea what to expect! All I knew was that it was an intro class, so that reassured me a little bit.

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So what did I wear?

Expectation: Well, of course, I just went with a basic look. Black on black, i.e. typical waitress/ waiter attire. Also not too casual, but not too professional (me on right).

Reality: Almost everyone who came was in blue jeans and a t-shirt, except for the girl in a tracksuit, and the other girl studying fashion. I still felt confident, so there’s that.

What to expect?

Expectations: We’d sit down and everyone would introduce themselves, maybe we’d talk about the basics; there’d be a powerpoint. I wasn’t expecting much.

Reality: Shit! There was a lot happening. I think I forgot that it was going to be a 4hr class. We did everything from paperwork and listening to a powerpoint presentation, to making cocktails, pouring beer and carrying plates. There was so much going on, I was on a learning high it was amazing! Which leads on to my next point…

Did  I learn anything?

Ah, HELL YEAH! I came away with so much information! By far my favourite things that I learnt are:

  • How to make a Cosmopolitan Cocktail
  • How to do a single and double pour of beer from a tap (with the correct amount of head)
  • and How to correctly carry 3 plates in 2 hands (and arm)

It was so much fun, and if we did all of this and more in just one 4hr session (+ doing paperwork), I can’t wait to find out what we do in the next 4hr session without all the time spent doing paperwork!

Till next week xx

I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe learnt something, or just enjoyed me talking about my experience and passions! I cannot wait for my next class, Friday week! It’ll be good fun after my 9am, 3hr Auditing exam.

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Please leave any questions down in the comments below and I will answer them all in the next post next week xxx

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