12 Things I Do To Stay Organised & Stress-Free.

41 - 12 Things I Do To Stay Organised & Stress-Free.

Hi everyone,

This post is a little different to my usual book related content that is featured on this blog. This post is a list of 12 things I do throughout the day in order to remain organised, relaxed, and  stress-free.

The exam period is drawing near and I have decided to make this life hack post to help others people like me who have trouble keeping concentrated and finding time to do everything that is needed to be done.

When I wake up;

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  • Wake up at a set time every morning. This way I know how much time I have to do all my tasks for the morning and I am not running late.
  • Make my bed! If you have time, do this properly! I know for me it clears my head and gives me extra time to sing along to my favourite Ed Sheeran songs in the morning. Even if you just throw your dooner/ duvet/ or top blanket over all the under-blankets, this will give your room an overall clean look and feel considering you won’t be able to see the mess underneath.
  • Wash my face before breakfast. This may sound a tad silly but over the past couple of years, I have found that majority of the time when I wake up I need to go to the toilet, and considering the toilet is in the same room as the sink where I wash my face, it only makes sense to freshen myself up as much as I can before proceeding to the kitchen to eat breakfast.
  • Put away the dishes that were washed the night before. Especially fun when the television is playing in the background or music is playing loudly.


After Dinner;

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  • Make sure all the dishes are washed. This way I do not have to worry about finding invests in my home feeding off of the food scraps and when I walk down stairs for breakfast the next day, all the dishes will be dry and ready to put away.
  • Make my lunch for the next day. My mum does not make my lunch for me because apparently, I am too old for that, so she never forgets to remind  my sister and I to make our lunches just after dinner. The companion post to this one will run through the benefits of making your lunch (for the next day) after dinner.


Before I go to bed;

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  • Clean my desk and any other frequently used spaces. This way I wake up to a fresh and clean room in the morning. It is much like hitting a reset button, so I don’t go to sleep with a perpetual worry about the work I have to do, and when I awake in the morning I don’t feel weighted down knowing that I have unfinished work to do. Instead, I can wake up fresh and with a clear head.
  • Pack my bag with everything (excluding food) that is needed for the next day.
  • Place clothes that will be worn the next day in a place of the room that I commonly used. Yes, this includes your undergarments. I love to do this even if I am unsure of what will be worn the next day. It motivated me to get dressed in the morning without thinking of what to wear and even if I don’t like what I’m wearing I can change it later. At least  will be out of my pyjamas. I place my clothes at the foot of my bed so I always remember that their there.


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If you’re the not-so-fit-but-wants-to-be type (like me) I recommend doing a mini workout before bed for maybe 7-10 minutes. This is usually when you have the most time to spare, and you feel good allowing for a good nights sleep!



Please like this post if you do any of the things I mentioned above, and please leave a comment down below if you have any other tips to add to my list. I’m always looking for new methods to try!

If I get enough tips, I will make another post containing (and crediting) all the new recommended tips/ lifehacks.



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