January 2019 In A Nutshell!

Heyo Bookaholics!

January is over!

Well, I guess you already know that, but it’s crazy because it hasn’t felt like it’s flown by and I don’t have that overwhelming feeling that another month has passed me by. It feels like I’ve made something of this month that I am proud of, and despite reading only 2 books, I have had a hell of a January!

Birthday + Summer Happiness

Like I mentioned, I have had one hell of a January and enjoyed every moment of it.

It is summer in the land of Oz, and I go crazy over summer weather! 30 degree days are my ideal climate because it’s like the earth is giving you a giant humid hug where you’re just wrapped up and there is a brilliant smile on my face that I never want to leave.

I also turned 20 this year (and I feel it), which is just insane that I am an actual adult now and not a teenager anymore. I had the most wonderful time for my birthday and at my party which I spent with my favourite people. I did a post about 2 life lessons I could provide from my perspective on the world as a 20-year-old. You can read that post here.

Books I Read + When Their Reviews Will Be Posted

Due to my commitment to the 30-Days-of-Blogging, I haven’t had any time in January to post any reviews for the books I have been reading, so I made the executive decision to start all of my review postings in February.

In January I only read 2 books. With uni, I’m honestly surprised I managed to finish the second one.

  • Imprison The Sky by A. C. Gaughen – Review will be posted 4th February 2019
  • Fierce Fragile Hearts by Sara Barnard – Review will be posted 12th February 2019

I received both books from Bloomsbury and Simon and Schuster respectively and I could not be happier to have the opportunity to experience both author’s writings. Both novels were amazing 5-star reads and I want more of these worlds so badly!

30 Days of Blogging!

This has been intense but there has been nothing I have loved more about blogging than going on this journey with myself. I have learnt so much about how I blog and what methods work best for myself. I really would do this again and hopefully improve on the progress (by not posting at 12am the next morning).

I really hope that you took enjoyment from these posts and maybe the wacky prompts inspire some creativity in you like they did in me! I took myself outside the mainstream thinking bubble and am proud of what I have created.

You can read each post by clicking on the relevant day below. Some days will be missing as I did take time for myself to recover here and there from stress and to get homework done during this month.


University Life (Summer School)

Blogging every day + Summer semester of university (2 units over 6 weeks) = 1 Exhausted and Over-Caffeinated Human.

Would I change anything I have done this Jan? Honestly, no not really. Yeah, it has been tough to blog and do uni at the same time but blogging has given me a break from the uni work at intervals and the reprieve has been so nice. I think it also helps that I enjoy the two subjects that I am going this semester. Taxation and Auditing are two things that I have so much passion for!


How was your January??


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With Love Bree xx


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